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Last October, Father John Abberton wrote a very kind post about Saint Paul of the Cross and the Passionists. What he said was positive and at the same time realistic, perhaps too realistic for my eyes when I read: The days of the Passionists in Great Britain are now over. Such Passionists who remain are very few and unable to have much impact on the church. During the past year, I have been trying to settle in to my new life in Prestonpans, a place where (when I was a schoolboy) there was a monastery community of about twelve at the former Saint Mary’s Retreat, Drum-Mohr, and three other Passionists in the parish house where I now live alone. While I can understand Father Abberton’s words, which were obviously written with sadness (and in my present situation perhaps I can understand them better than most), I hope that there is at least some life in the old dog yet. I have neglected this site during my year of settling in; I really should resurrect it lest I be guilty of collusion in the Case of the Disappearing Passionists.

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