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On Thursday evening I went with a group of young people from Saint Mungo’s to the Torchlight Procession organised by Life to mark the fortieth anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act. I remember well the passing of the act, although I was only thirteen at the time. Through the Union of Catholic Mothers, my mother had been organising groups of women to come to our home for afternoon tea followed by a session of writing letters to our MP asking him to vote against the bill. Now, forty years and almost seven million abortions later, it was encouraging to see so many young people taking part in the procession from George Square and the service which followed in Saint Andrew’s Cathedral. My photograph shows Sister Andrea of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life (who really should open her eyes the next time) with le père Patrick c.p.. Tomorrow, Sister Andrea, Sister Roseanne and their team will be launching a new blog for the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.

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