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Where have I been?

Some people have been e-mailing or asking me on the telephone why Laus Crucis has been dormant for so long. Then today I found this comment from A Simple Sinner: I love St. Michael – truly I do – but for the past three weeks, I have been swinging by the blog hoping for a new entry and opening the window to find his celestial gaze. A lovely and reassuring gaze it is, to be sureā€¦ but any chance for a new view soon? So I get the message!

In the past few weeks I have been in Italy accompanying a group of Australian Passionists on part of their pilgrimage; I was fortunate to be able to be with the group in Lucca, Ovada, Castellazzo and Monte Argentario. After that, I was in Crossgar, Ireland for the Passionist Religious Life Weekend where Fathers Victor, Charles and myself took part in a weekend of prayer and discussion with seven young men who wished to look more closely at the Passionist vocation.

Meanwhile, here at Saint Mungo’s, our community has been livened up by the presence of Father Patrick Viale c.p. of our (French) Province of Saint Michael, who is here for three months improving his English (-no smart remarks from non-Glaswegians, please) before taking up an appointment at the new Passionist retreat house in Lourdes, France. Our community life has also been enriched by the addition of a new member, Gareth Thomas, who began formation for the Passionist life in September and is now studying philosophy at the National Seminary, Scotus College, while living in Saint Mungo’s.

And now, to take A Simple Sinner’s attention away from Saint Michael the Archangel, here is Father Gary (of The Passionist Charism) photographed while photographing in Ovada.

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