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Praying for Christian Unity

Fr IgnatiusOn this last day of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity, I want to recall the person who started it all. In an article in The Ecumenical Review, a publication of the World Council of Churches, Dagmar Heller writes: As far as we know, the first proposal for common prayer for Christian unity was made in 1840 by Ignatius Spencer. Father Ignatius proposed conversion as well as unity; all through his life he was an apostle of holiness and, even after he left the Church of England and became a Catholic, he never ceased to be a committed evangelical. This Evangelical Catholic preached the importance of sanctification throughout Europe, begging for prayers for unity but also reminding his hearers that unity comes about when we seek Christ above all things and in all things. For more about the servant of God Ignatius Spencer, have a look at the article written by Matthew Allen for Wikipedia

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