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Here’s the text of an e-mail I sent to Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, who is said to have led the Cabinet revolt against the exemption of Catholic Adoption agencies from the proposed Sexual Equality Regulations:
Dear Mr Johnson
You are quoted in today’s “Independent” as saying: “We reject discrimination in all its forms.” Do you or your party intend to bring in legislation to repeal the Act of Settlement, which declares that no one can be Monarch who “professes the popish religion, or marries a papist” and, if so, when do you intend to do this?
Yours faithfully,
(Rev.) Paul Francis Spencer

-Hoping for a reply!


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To Mount Argus

I will be flying to Dublin tonight for Province meetings tomorrow and Tuesday, returning here on Tuesday night.

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Praying for Christian Unity

Fr IgnatiusOn this last day of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity, I want to recall the person who started it all. In an article in The Ecumenical Review, a publication of the World Council of Churches, Dagmar Heller writes: As far as we know, the first proposal for common prayer for Christian unity was made in 1840 by Ignatius Spencer. Father Ignatius proposed conversion as well as unity; all through his life he was an apostle of holiness and, even after he left the Church of England and became a Catholic, he never ceased to be a committed evangelical. This Evangelical Catholic preached the importance of sanctification throughout Europe, begging for prayers for unity but also reminding his hearers that unity comes about when we seek Christ above all things and in all things. For more about the servant of God Ignatius Spencer, have a look at the article written by Matthew Allen for Wikipedia

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We recently celebrated the Forty Hours Adoration at Saint Mungo’s. Nowadays, the adoration is interrupted for the usual public Masses during the day and again at night. Here are some photographs I took on the different days. I took them at times when I knew there were very few people in the church, so as to distract as few as possible; my apologies to anyone I disturbed.

Sunday Night

Monday Afternoon

Tuesday Morning

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The next weekend retreat for young men who are interested in religious life in the Passionist Congregation will be held at Saint Patrick’s Retreat, Crossgar, County Down, N. Ireland, from Friday evening, 16 February, to Sunday midday, 18 February 2007. The theme of the weekend is taken from a phrase written by Saint Paul of the Cross in his Preface to the Rule: “The Good God converted me to a Life of Penance”.
If you would like to know more about the retreat or are interested in taking part, you can contact me by sending a comment below. Please remember a prayer for those who will take part, including Fathers Charles, Victor and myself who will be guiding the retreat.

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I have added a number of Blessed Charles links to the sidebar under two headings: Blessed Charles on Laus Crucis and Blessed Charles on other Sites.

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An e-mail from the Postulator General, Father Giovanni Zubiani c.p., informs us that the Consistory for the Canonisation of Father Charles should be happening soon; after this, the date for the Canonisation will be set by the Secretariat of State.

In the meantime, I received (via the Comments Box) a message from Raymond Frenken about a five minute video he had made at Munstergeleen on the Feast of Blessed Charles; here it is.

Thank you, Raymond, for this excellent record of Dutch devotion to Blessed Charles.

Amy Welborn, at Open Book, marked the Feast of Blessed Charles with this post.

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